Ariel Cohen for Good Light Magazine (Fall edition), July 2013

Tel Aviv Beach set with Shlomi Cohen, July 2013 

Ilan Nissim Moriya--Artist, "Only the Crow Survives" project, July 2013

 Eyal Bi, June 2013

 Fabian Kalderoff for American Laser, June 2013

Test shoot with Jeremy Ladner and Maya Cohen, makeup artist, June 2013 

 NoVi fashion show, June 2013

Erik Rozman, April 2013 

Test shoot with Shay Samia, April 2013 

Stan Rudnick for Gems of Teal, April 2013 

Stan Rudnick for Playboy Israel, March 2013 

Sexy High Fashion by Stan Rudnick, February 2013 

Rogue Magazine Canada June 2012 cover and web compilation

Shlomi Cohen, 2012 

Ballet photos by Stan Rudnick, 2012

Ballet photos by  Shlomi Cohen, 2012 

Stan Rudnick for the French Photo magazine competition, 2012

PopLove Designs for Blindfold Magazine, 2012 

Stan Rudnick for the International Look Swimwear Bikini Contest 2011 (4th runner-up overall) 

PopLove Designs website, 2011 

Amir Bakshi Hair Studio campaign, 2011 

Stan Rudnick for Cupcake Provocateur website, 2011 

Shlomi Cohen 2010 

Gil Azouri, 2010 

 Stan Rudnick, 2010

Misc. Photos, 2006-2009 

Highlights in Pageantry