Hello, lovelies! 

After a quick turn of events, it transpires that I might not actually be shooting this weekend--oh, how logistical factors can mess with things! B-) However, In lieu of new material, and as an apology gift to you from me, here's an old video clip that I just found, for the first time, a few days ago! It dates back to 2010 (ancient history in modeling and internet terms, I know), and is from the Amir Bakshi Hair Studio's campaign that got me my first billboard! Only a few seconds, but still fun. :) 

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXfzggmfMG0

In other news, I saw my physical therapist today. Let's just say that, although I don't have cause to complain of my bikini body right now, my rear will still be extra-thankful of my PT by the time this is all done! Constant improvement is where it's at, of course, and so I'm thankful that this opportunity, which is my first real PT experience, is giving me more than just a way to get my body back in order... it's also improving my modeling physique a bit, and, additionally, is even helping me fine-tune my dancing technique. 

Check back soon for updates on upcoming shoots! I cannot wait to share new stuff with you! :)